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Would you let The Three Stooges perform surgery on you? I agree! That would be a little scary. I better be knocked out cold before they even think about entering the room with a scalpel! Even then, I might wake up and make a new door through the hospital.

In "Men in Black," a 1934 short film, The Three Stooges are hired as doctors to the "Los Arms Hospital" because the medical school they have been attending for way too long has had enough of them. They are sworn to "the glorious cause of duty and humanity," which turns out to be the punchline of the entire skit. But, you'll have to watch it to get the joke!

The sturdy molded relief body makes this famous Strassburg mug shape very practical for use. This mug pictures a label from "Three Stooges Beer" featuring all three stooges in a black and white photo with the words "For duty and humanity," below. Affordably priced. Official Licensed Product.

Material: Glass
Origin: Germany
Volume: 0.50L
Dimensions: 6-3/4"
Other notes:
Exclusive Product


SKU 5317
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $36.75


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