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The pug, the infamous lapdog with the big eyes and wrinkly face. They climb up on your lap and stare straight into your eyes. But, they can do more than just get in your face.

This one knows how to sing. And not only sing, but read the sheet music that it's singing. I never thought I would see a world such as this. But, I've seen so many things in my lifetime. Now, I see videos of singing dogs just about every day. The pug is at the top of the list and why wouldn't we commemorate that with a beer stein?

This porcelain stein features a detailed sculpt of a pug dressed as a member of the barbershop quartet, "The Pugtones". A sign bearing the group's name as well as sheet music of barbershop standards such as "Sweet Adeline", "The Old Mill Stream", and "My Wild Irish Rose" add to the charm. The barberpole handle adds the finishing touch to a wonderful stein.

Material: Porcelain
Origin: Germany
Volume: 0.75L
Dimensions: 10" (approximate)
Other notes:
Exclusive Product
Limited Edition
New Product


SKU 6689
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $199.00


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